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METABO 3"X1/8"X3/8" -- A30S

Picture of METABO 3"X1/8"X3/8" -- A30S
Application:Steel/Stainless Steel

$1.96 (USD)

METABO 5"X3/32"X7/8" -- A30P

Picture of METABO 5"X3/32"X7/8" -- A30P
Application:Stainless Steel

$3.56 (USD)

METABO 5"X3/32"X7/8" -- A30R

Picture of METABO 5"X3/32"X7/8" -- A30R
Application:Steel/Stainless Steel

$3.38 (USD)

METABO 6"X1/8"X5/8" DM -- A30S

Picture of METABO 6"X1/8"X5/8" DM -- A30S
Application:Steel/Stainless Steel

$4.24 (USD)

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